Three of my top tips to manifesting more money into your life.

First let me lay some foundation for you. I have been practicing the Law of Attraction and manifestation for 16 years. Everything that has happened in my life good, bad, and ugly I believe has happened for me not to me. That belief alone may trigger you as it used to piss me off when I would read it or hear other gurus in the manifesting space say it, now I know it as my truth.

Every single thing I have strongly desired in my life I have manifested, this doesn’t mean I sat on a lounge chair sipping champagne and everything from money, handbags, chance meetings, incredible opportunities, and luxurious trips just “happened.” For a lot of it I had to work for it, sometimes for many years, and for some of it, it did fall into my lap…the most challenging part of manifesting is the exact reason why so many people give up on it too soon and say things like, “oh that manifesting is BS,” or “manifesting just doesn’t work me” (which both beliefs will certainly make it not work BTW).

Let me give you a fast track pass to manifesting money. On this episode, I share my top three tips to manifesting money. These tips come from years of refining my manifesting practice, reading at least a hundred books and countless articles on the Law of Attraction principles and practices, and studying privately with a well-respected manifestation guru and spiritual teacher.

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