WARNING! Heavy dose of real Tiff talk comin’ in hot.

What I’m about to say to you may feel harsh, but it’s something that changed my life and allowed me to get to the 7-figure a year marker in both of my businesses. 

Integrity is when your actions match your words. 

There is nothing that will ruin trust more than continued broken promises, right? 

They say they “promise they will do better.” 

They say they “won’t let it happen again.”

They say they “will absolutely get ____ done.” 

Then we believe them…count of them…rely on them…and when they don’t it can be a range of emotions from deeply painful to frustrating AF to annoyed. 

Yes we give people second chances and if you’re a codependent like me, you give far too many chances. 

People teach us and show us who they are through their actions and lack of actions. 

What have you taught yourself through your own actions and lack of taking action ? 

> Do you set commitments that you will start Monday and then never stick with it?

> Do you proclaim that you want to grow your business and stop messin’ around, yet continue to procrastinate? 

> Do you tell yourself you are going to finally post videos this week, and come up with some story of why you can’t ? 

Hmmmmm mmmmm I know…it’s tough to look at your own crap, but it’s necessary. 

When we break our own promises and commitments to ourselves on repeat, we lose trust in our ability to follow through. This also erodes your self-esteem over time, creating self-doubt. 

Continuing to have lack of consistent follow through with our actions when it comes to our core desires, causes the Universe to not take your dreams so seriously, as they don’t really seem like that much of a priority to you. 

A few things that I did that helped me keep my promises to my self:

  1. Stop with the long over-achieving to do lists. Put 3 things on the damn list at a time and once those are done add more. 
  2. Create serious accountability for my self. Put enough on the line that you will get into action because you don’t want the consequences (ie. Spending money on a coach, hiring help before you’re ready, etc…) 
  3. Taking daily inventory of my words and actions. Being honest of what I did well and what I need to make amends to my self over. 

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It’s time to start treating your dream like a business and not a side-hobby. 

Let’s get those clients and cash flowing, so you can do BIG things in this world. 

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