The key to growing your business without burning out…

What if I told you that a big reason why your business isn’t growing as fast or as grand as you would like is because you are already feeling frazzled, fried, and fatigued with what you are managing now?

We subconsciously push away MORE of what we desire, when our bodies and brains are screaming for a break. Why would the Universe give you more clients, more sales, and more cash, if you are barely getting through the week as it is?

There are several requirements to scaling your business without burning out (all of which I learned the hard way, so my goal is to save you some pain here):

  1. Letting Go: you need to let go of the things in your business that you hate doing and are sucking your life force. My control freaks, this will be hard but burning out will be much harder.
  2. Leverage your time: you only have so much time and energy in a day. If you don’t maximize and leverage that time, your income and growth will be capped. Time for you to explore how you can generate more money while using less of your time (something I specialize in teaching).
  3. Hire help. Stop playing cheap with your dreams, and invest in having other talented humans help you manage and grow your business. Get a part time assistant, hire someone to do your social media graphics, get a damn coach who can create a business strategy with you step by step (ummm hello I’m right here).

I break it all down, how you can stop trading all of your time for money in this podcast episode. 

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