I came close to dying twice, once by choice and the other as a result of a health crisis.

Both of these rock bottom times in my life had one major thing in common, but it took years of reflection to realize it.

September 2014 on my birthday, I had a plan to kill my self by way of pills. They were all laid out on my kitchen counter. I was exhausted and tired of life….it felt like it was way to much work to live, in exchange for tiny glimpses of happiness.

In 2017, I was neck deep in a health crisis that 7 different doctors couldn’t figure out (two even told me it was all in my head), and my body was at war with me, and there wasn’t anything that was working. I was couch-bound for months, didn’t even have the energy to go the grocery store, and I ballooned in weight and full-body inflammation. I had no hope. Nothing was working. The millions I had in the bank didn’t matter. My prayers didn’t seem like they were being answered. I knew I was dying.

What led me to deaths door were my beliefs.

My belief that I wasn’t special.

My belief that I had no greater purpose.

My belief that I wasn’t enough to have the love, success, and joy I so badly wanted.

My belief that some people are just lucky in life and others get the sh*t end of the stick.

My belief that my life wasn’t worth fighting for.

Whatever we believe, our minds constantly search for evidence to support those beliefs, we end up manifesting them into our lives on repeat, which then reinforces those beliefs further (even if they are wildly false!).

I’m going to teach you how to identify your Toxic Belief Loop (as I call it), and how to exit this pattern.

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