Her words almost stopped me…

This now Insta-famous chick replied with a condescending laugh when I told her that I was launching a podcast. 

“Oh you know those don’t make any money and they aren’t worth all the effort.” 

This was 4 years ago, and just recently she launched her own podcast. Hmmmm Mmmmm…I know.

I almost allowed her words to get into my head…the negative committee in my brain started going,” well maybe she’s right and it’s silly to think this will work…who in the hell are you anyway to do this “ 

Obviously, I didn’t allow the committee (or her opinion) to control me…instead, I chose to let it fuel me. 

Thank God because within just months I had my first 5-figure podcast sponsor, and I was getting paid to do what I love…TEACH and TALK!!

If I had leaned into the negative, it would have cost me millions of dollars, and I wouldn’t have impacted millions of listeners.

You must assess the Cost Factor of your doubt-filled thoughts. The Cost Factor of you putting this off one more month, one more year. 

We have less than 4 months left in 2022, there’s time for this to still be the year you WENT NEXT LEVEL with your life. 

Let’s start by getting that stinkin’ thinkin’ of yours in order.

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