Starting fresh is impossible if your old behaviors don’t change.

There are so many platitudes this time of year that give me a rash. I used to buy into them, until I finally realized they are denial doctored up in catchy phrases.

“New Year New You”

“This will be MY YEAR to ______”

“New beginnings require a fresh start.”

We are never starting over or starting fresh. We are simply moving forward in a divinely planned progression of lessons. Once those lessons are mastered, new people, places, and experiences will come into our lives to work on our next set of lessons. Some will be terribly painful, some will be glorious, and all of them will test our patience and humility.

You don’t have to wait for a new year, a new month, a new day, or a new minute to decide to go for it. YOU have the power at any moment to decide what you really want, go after it, and give a GIANT ZFG (Zero Fu*ks Given) to all of the noise out there!

If you are already feeling the pressure and overwhelm building for all of the goals you want to accomplish this year >>>>> HERE’S MY ADVICE:

If you feel like you’re already doing all the things, already working on your limiting habits, already followed all the advice … and you’re still not making the money you desire — it’s time to tune out all of the external noise, and intentionally make time and space to tune into your intuition.

> Pay attention to what your gut is saying it wants, and follow that voice. That message is where the money is. It could be telling to you hire someone, fire someone, start a podcast….trust that the message is coming up for a divine reason.

> Stop listening to so many people’s advice. Have you heard of the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen is always a bad recipe” ? Pare it down and follow the guidance that actually makes SENSE for your business…that doesn’t mean it wont feel scary, but it should sit right with our nervous system.

> Allow yourself to take a damn breath. If you’ve been working harder and harder, but you’re not getting the results…this thirsty and frustrated energy you’re emitting is repelling clients instead of attracting them. Less is more, I promise.

In this episode I’ll be teaching you the 4 L’s to processing your paid and fears, so you can get out of your own damn way.

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