Consistent little moves are what build big dreams.

Your mind will try to convince you that if you can’t do it all right now then you have to wait “until…”

Until you have more time

Until you have more energy

Until you know exactly what you’re doing

Until you things at work slow down

Until you get that certification

Until your kids are older

These are all just excuses your ego is doing a fantastic job of convincing you of because underneath all of that mental gymnastics, you are scared of the unknown. Scared of it not working. Scared of looking a fool. Scared of what others will think. Scared of your kids feeling neglected. Scared you don’t have what it takes. Scared you will waste your money, and have nothing to show for it.

With everything I accomplished both personally and professionally, from building two multi-million dollar businesses, to recovering from severe childhood trauma, to getting my health back after I thought my life was over…All of it started the same way >>>> one small action at a time, and one day at time.

The sooner you start; the hardest part will be behind you.

Anyone who has taken time off from working out knows how miserable that first week back at the gym is….it’s incredible how quickly we end up in a groove one we get past that initial hump (the hump that feels like a giant mountain).

Every day you don’t take at least one small action, you are taking one step backwards away from the life you desire. BUT, everyday you chose to take one small action is one step closer to your dream life…..which direction do you want to be heading in?

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