There’s nothing that turns me off more than when someone does this…

When anyone tells me they’re going to do something or stop doing something, making major promises, and then NOTHING ever happens, as though it was never discussed in the first place. 

I call this “Promise Ghosting,” many psychologists would call it gaslighting. 

Even if someone made a promise and chose not to follow through (as it is a choice), but at least owned it by acknowledging it and then following through…I can work with that all day long. 

But repeat promises, apologies and zero follow through…that is a fast track to pushing me out of your life. Broken promises = LYING. 

Of course we need to make exceptions and allowances are we are all human, but if you are dealing with someone where this is a standard operating behavior, you must save yourself and set new boundaries or walk away. 

Here’s the giant mind F that happened to me this weekend. 

Usually when something really pisses us off, it’s because there’s something deeper we need to take a look at within ourselves. 

So I asked my self the loaded question, “Where in my life do I make promises and not follow through with them?”

Ohhhhhhh snap…

Being hardcore honest with my self, I’ve made promises to myself about what I will and wont accept from people, and didn’t follow through with my word. 

I continued accepting unacceptable behavior, and not just from one person or one area of my life. This “Promise Ghosting” has been happening in my personal and professional life for YEARS now. AND I’ve been sweeping it under the rug. 

I low-key knew I was doing it, but didn’t was to address it, as that would mean I had to take some VERY painful life-disrupting action. 

By continuing to break our own promises and our own goals, we are abandoning ourselves over and over again.

So I’ve made a new decision, and feel free to join me. 

I commit to following through on my promises to the best of my ability at any given time no matter how much they require from me. I also have the right to change my promises and goals at any given time, if they no longer serve my greatest good. 

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