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I F’ing LOVE complaining, in fact, it’s a necessary part of my manifestation process. 

Every day I hear someone make an apology after they vent or complain about something that’s upsetting them. My response is always the same…

“Please complain, love, you need to get it out…you are allowed to have all of your feelings.”

Most of us were taught that complaining is BAD. That makes you a negative person, ungrateful, and even a downer. I was strictly NOT ALLOWED to utter anything that could be taken as a complaint growing up (or my mom would verbally abuse me and then ignore me as a form of punishment), and in turn, I never felt fully heard or understood. 

Then as an adult, I would judge myself harshly and even beat myself up for being “too negative.” (taking over the “punishing” my mom did to me)

Being pleasant and Ms. Positive all the time is a form of denial and dissociation. When I come across someone like this, I know they are in a deep amount of pain with decades of suppressed emotions. 

Babies cry.

Toddlers have tantrums. 

Dogs bark.

Cats hiss.

But we as adults are supposed to put on a happy face, only speak positive words, and stay in gratitude in order to manifest everything we desire? 

If that was the case, I would have a miserable broke-ass life. 

Complaining and going on rants about what is upsetting me gets it out of my system so it doesn’t consume me. It allows me to feel heard and accepted by God, the Universe, and myself. 

Often the answers for what I desire or what actions I need to take come after I vent. It’s a form of emotional purging, which provides great clarity.

I’m going to show you exactly how I use the act of complaining to call in my deeper manifestations.


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