Leaving a wound unintended can cause great loss. 

If you got a nasty scrape on your leg, my guess is you would assess the severity of it  (if it requires medical care), then clean it out, disinfect it, put a bandage on it, and check it daily. 

You would do this because you know the consequence of not doing it would be painful, and could even end in a nasty life-altering infection. 

Leaving your money wounds unaddressed and unattended has just as high of consequences, and part of you knows this and is even experiencing it. Yet you avoid fully addressing them. 

This is because, unlike a physical wound, we weren’t taught how to address them…so they fester until the pain is great enough to seek help. 

For me, I had to lose almost everything I had built, which was almost a million dollars in a 3-month period, to wake up and prioritize tending to my buried money wounds. 

Maybe for you, it’s hard to hold on to money. 

Maybe it feels impossible to make the money you desire. 

Maybe you’ve got yourself in a heaping pile of debt.

Maybe you make good money but can’t seem to create the wealth that would give you the freedom you desire. 

You aren’t “bad with money,” “not smart enough,” or unqualified…you simply have money wounds that need to be addressed, prioritized, and healed. 

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