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For years I believed God forgot about me. 

I felt like my prayers went unanswered to the point where I lost all faith and hope. 

I studied the Law of Attraction and manifestation for 8 years diligently and felt like nothing was happening outside of an occasional rock star parking spot, and some chance meetings. 

Often I would lie awake alone at night pleading “what am I missing here Universe, God, Angels, anyone??” 

I never felt like I got a clear sign or answer. In fact, I gave up hope of even getting one. 

7.5 years ago I made the decision I would leave this earth on my birthday. It was my gift to myself, to finally be free of all the pain. 

I really didn’t want to die, but I also couldn’t go on living that way, and I was exhausted from trying. 

Obviously, we know God blocked my plan…that was the real start of my spiritual awakening.

All of it had to go down this way in order for me to be willing to do the deep inner healing work required for me to help millions of others. 

This is something I could have never imagined. 

Your higher power has big plans for you, and most often pain is required for us to transform. 

It will rarely happen when we want it to…but it WILL HAPPEN when it’s destined to. And if it doesn’t, that’s because something so much better is on its way.   


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