One of the most overlooked and deadly addictions…

Alcohol, pills, gambling, and even food addictions are the obvious ones…

There’s a widespread addiction that is likely slowly killing you right now. 

It’s causing you stress, suffering, financial, relationship, and major quality of life issues. 

Damn it is cunning…

The addiction of doing TOO MUCH..the addiction to always doing, instead of simply being. 

Our egos and society programming manipulate us into feeling like we aren’t doing enough…so if we just do more, be more productive, and get more crap done then we will achieve our desired result (whether that be happiness, success, significance, appreciation, etc…). 

When in fact DOING TOO MUCH is the problem. This is what’s blocking your abundance. 

Even thinking that you have to do more or be more is a scarcity belief. 

I can hear that inner critical voice of yours right now saying,” well Tiffany I can’t just sit back and do whatever the hell I want and expect things to happen.” 

If you had a version of this thought, you’re living in an all-or-nothing world…. basically anything other than constantly doing means failure. 

This is my biggest addiction, if I left it unmanaged, it will suck all of the joy out of my life, while sabotaging my success. 

There needs to be a balance of DOING AND SIMPLY BEING. 

If you find yourself living in either extreme, I can guarantee you aren’t genuinely happy with your life.  

It is as equally productive to DO as it is to BE. 

The energy of BEING is to be in a state of surrender, allowing yourself to receive. Reap the rewards of your efforts. Relish in your restorative rest time. 

If your life feels unmanageable, take a non-judgemental inventory of your ratio of DOing to BEing.

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