You are mind-fu*king yourself out of making major cash. 

The tricky thing here is 90% of what is blocking you from having the success, money, freedom, and options you desire are happening sub-consciously.

When you sit there with your head in your palms saying, “what in the hell am I doing wrong? What am I missing here?” You will never get a clear answer. 

Our minds are so complex, weaved with childhood trauma, limiting beliefs, generational stories, influence from decades of societal programming, and even government conditioning….For you to unfu*k your own mind all by yourself IS IMPOSSIBLE. 

Let yourself off the hook sis, you aren’t meant to unscramble this complex brain of yours on your own, as it’s designed to protect you and keep you comfortable. 

For those of you who are like me and grew up in a toxic household or maybe you had a volatile marriage…being uncomfortable is actually what feels familiar and comfortable to you. 

Walking on eggshells in a relationship is such a familiar feeling to me that I can go years without fully realizing the pain and suffering it is causing me. 

The deeply engrained belief that I have to work my ass off to have major success is so sneaky (even after 15 years of deep inner work on it), if I don’t invest in having top tier coaches and team members in my world….I will fall back into a state of pushing, forcing, and grinding without even catching my self, until I’m suffering the physical and mental consequences. 

Do yourself a favor and take 30 minutes to deeply understand the connection between your mindset and money >>>your bank account will also thank you.

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