It sounds crazy but this is a true story…

In order to have the kind of wealth and lifestyle that I enjoy today, I had to lose 2.5 million dollars. 

I got scammed out of most of my life savings when I was 30. 

I had an employee steal from me for a full year before I realized it, and never could recover a penny.

I hired a couple of bogus con high-ticket coaches who were a waste.

I wasted countless hours and years of my time that I can never get back, by being stubborn, cheap, and fearful >>> trying to figure things out on my own, and doing the “things” just because I could. 

I said “yes” to dozens of people, when I should have said “no,” spread my self so thin that I spent a two years recovering from a health crisis. 

Money is one of our most powerful teachers, if we are open to it. 

Here’s what my 2.5 million (and probably more) in loses taught me:

> Money is a limitless resource; we can always make more, no matter how much we have lost. 

> Time on the other hand is something we can never replenish. Time is our most valuable resource, but it is also one we undervalue the most.

> The more you invest into your business and personal wellbeing, the more you will get in return. 

> Say “no” far more than you say “yes.”

> You have to lose things and let them go in order to be available for the life that you really desire. 

At the time it was devastating and a huge ego blow….but in hindsight all of these losses have put double this amount into my bank accounts. So hashtag #WORTHIT

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