“What results can you guarantee?” Another one of my favorite questions to answer…

My clients who asked me this during an application call or in my DMs before they decided to work with me now laugh when people ask them the same ridiculous question. 

When it comes to business and life in general, there are very few guarantees. Believe me, as someone who is highly motivated by remaining safe and secure at all times, I would love nothing more than to have a daily guarantee that all of my hard work, time, energy, heart, and money that I pour into both of my businesses will pay off. 

There just isn’t and there never will be. 

Here’s what I say to people who ask me this question:

I first address the emotion of where this question is coming from, and that is fear. It’s scary as hell to pursue our dreams, and do anything that’s new or outside our comfort zone. The potential client is craving certainty, because certainty will erase fear. 

“I understand how scary it is to invest money you don’t have on hand to grow your business, and it would feel really good to know that you will get an absolute guarantee on the risk you are taking…However, starting, building, and growing a business is a gamble…you are betting on yourself.”

Then I make a point of sharing what I CAN and CAN’T guarantee:

“I can’t guarantee you a specific outcome, as I can’t control one of the biggest factors in this equation, and that is YOU….I can’t make you follow through, show up, and do what’s required. I can hold you accountable and empower you to do it, but I can’t force you, nor is it my job to. “

“What I can guarantee is if you continue to try and figure it out on your own, using “trying” and “hope” as your growth strategy, you will either A get so frustrated and eventually give up, or B, it will takes you years and cost you a ton of time, energy, and money.”

Based on all the well-known personality tests, I’m the last person you would except to be an entrepreneur as I’m risk-adverse. So if I’m able to navigate the roller coaster of uncertainty, risk,  and gambling that is entrepreneurship. I’m confident you can. 

When I’m making a big scary investment back into my business or into my self, I always assess what it will cost me to NOT get this help, this guidance, this service, or these things done for me. 100% of the time, the cost of NOT doing it ends up being far greater than the initial “shocking” investment. 

Buying a pair of $1800 designer shoes isn’t an investment that is spending. 

Paying someone to do all of the graphics for you in your business, that is an investment as it saves you hours of time and energy that you can’t get back. 

Buying a brand new iPhone when your old one still take great pics is spending. 

Hiring a top business coach like my self who will show you exactly how to monetize your business online customized to your strengths and desired outcome, is an investment that can make your money back 100 times, if you apply what I show and teach you. 

The only way to get the pay off is to take the risk. You can’t play it safe and still cash-in. 

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