Millionaires have roadblocks, tough times, and failures too, we just keep going, when most people decide to quit.

While going through some old papers, I came across a speech I gave to several thousand people at a conference, the year my business hit the million dollar mark.

I was asked to speak on what makes someone financially successful versus average.

The answer is simple; the work is tedious, constant, and often painful.

It’s your mindset and willingness to continue on regardless of how many fails, dramas, embarrassing moments, mistakes, your mood, or personal problems.

Did you guys know that I started my first side-hustle during our last giant recession?

I also quit my 6-figure prestigious career to go full-time into my business during that same recession.

Yes I was terrified, but I knew at some point I had to jump, as playing it small and safe was killing me slowly.

There is no bad time to go after your dreams. Just as there is not perfect time to go after them either.

If it wasn’t the coronavirus or the economy, you would come up with another excuse to delay, simply because you are scared and don’t believe you have what it takes.

We all have it in us. You have to believe that you are worth it and capable of giving it a fair shot.

Listen to this episode to hear my take on starting and building a business during a stressed economy and a pandemic.

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