Posting and feeling like no one is watching or reading, gets old real quick.

Then inevitability you end up in a scroll hole, seeing dozens of other people in your same niche going viral on repeat, leaving you second-guessing yourself and feeling more defeated than ever.

I’ve been in that spot too, but there is nothing productive that comes out of focusing on what we don’t have, and what everyone else seems to have. 

When my views or engagement is down (which it was crazy low two weeks ago), I always go my to my foundational marketing strategy that I’ve used with hundreds of clients from multi-billion dollar mega brand to solopreneurs >>> it all starts with one question:


Typically when a business is flat, whether that be in sales, content, sign ups, or email open rates, it’s because they haven’t shaken anything up in awhile. It’s been the same stuff, saying the same thing, in the same way, for quite some time. 

If you want people to notice you or your brand, you’ve gotta stand out. To stand out, you must do something wildly different, off the wall, and out of the box.

You know you are onto a great idea if everyone believes there’s a 50/50 chance of it working. My most profitable ideas and collaborations with product brands have been after I said, “well this will either be a BIG win or BIG fail.”

Playing it safe, and always trying to avoid offending anyone will not help you stand out. Risky moves have the biggest pay offs.

Truly you have nothing to lose right now, if you’re not making much money, your income is flat, or your engagement sucks….you may as well go for a 50/50 shake up. 

Two other questions to help get your creative juices flowing:

  1. What is something you do that makes your friends and family laugh? 
  2. What are the first brands that come to your mind? Dig in psychologically and identify why.

I’ll take you though my exact process that is responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars for various companies, including my own. 


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