My Top 3 Online Marketing Secrets to Generate Massive Sales.

I should be doing this as a paid master class versus a free podcast, but such is the life of an over-giver.

Without a doubt, by learning these three marketing secrets you will increase your number of leads and therefor sales. You can thank me by sharing this episode.

Secret #1: Stop trying to help everyone. I know you care and you don’t want to leave anyone out, but in order to really make an impact and cash you MUST focus on a very particular type of person you want to help.

Secret #2: My Power of 3 method. This will instantly help you feel less overwhelmed and scattered. You will need to listen to the episode to learn about this, way too much for me to type here.

Secret #3: Tell the people what to do. This one is HUGE. People love to be directed and lead, even other leaders. People like being led by someone they respect, someone with confidence, and someone they trust. If you don’t take change and lead, no one will follow or buy.

I’ll explain all three secrets in great deal and of course with Tiff-style humor and analogies on the podcast.

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