A wildly blunt truth you need to hear. 

If you aren’t willing to fail you will never succeed. 

Trying to play it safe, and remain moderately comfortable, while avoiding looking stupid will make it impossible for you to achieve big things. 

Success requires failure and mistakes. 

Success requires humility and humbly asking for help. 

Success requires you to be messy, imperfect, and vulnerable. 

The problem with most struggling entrepreneurs is they want the benefits and rewards of going ALL-IN, but without having to actually jump. 

That would be like wanting an incredible marriage, but without the willingness to be deeply open, vulnerable, and work on your own shiz CONSTANTLY. 

This is why I say to the people applying and joining my programs, mastermind, or membership > This will 100% pay off for you as long as you are open and willing to trust the process while showing up and doing the required work. 

You do have what it takes. Now it’s time for you to jump, instead of waiting to be less scared or ready (that day will never come). 

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