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 Avoiding toxic people is impossible.

They are everywhere…inside your family, your friend group, your neighborhood, dating apps, and your business. 

It’s easy as survivors of these toxic people, to blame ourselves for not seeing the signs, and for tolerating their unacceptable and abusive behavior. 

Truth is…some of these people like covert narcissists, are master manipulators and even the most street-smart people on the planet would fall for their act. 

When you have a big heart and are a trusting person who doesn’t think this way, it’s impossible to catch all the red flags.

Being that I was raised by a narcissist and surrounded by highly toxic people and pedophiles… red flags appear normal to me, as they’re familiar. 

The key isn’t to focus on NOT attracting them, as that’s unrealistic…the key is to learn how to recognize when your energy and life force are being slowly sucked away…and then set boundaries to protect yourself. 

My dear friend and Healing Strategist Ana Maria and I had a deeply intimate conversation about detaching from toxic relationships; we invite you to listen in on today’s podcast.

Connect with Ana Maria Here:

Instagram: @anamarialifecoach

Email: anamaria@lifebutterflyeffect.com

Website: www.anamarialifecoach.com

She currently offers one-on-one coaching programs and hosts a weekly Healing Collective group coaching program. 

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