There is a strategy behind packaging your services to guarantee they will actually sell.

After all that is the point here right? You are running a business, not spending all of this time, heart, and energy for a hobby.

Most of my business-coaching clients come to me after they are fed up, exhausted, and feeling deflated after trying it all but their shiz still isn’t selling, at least not with any ease.

I get it, I’ve been there. My first three years of business I spent hustling my bootie off doing tons of presentations and sales calls, with a less than impressive close rate (this is number of people who buy from you compared to the number of people/businesses you pitched). My rate was 35% at best.

Yes I made legit cash, around 200K per year, BUT, I was grinding away to make that number, so much so, that I wanted to quit on a weekly basis, as being an employee was waaaaay easier.

When I was on my last thread, I had heart to heart conversation with my self (I do this often BTW…only child syndrome perhaps)… “Tiffany you have come this far and spent countless hours working, sacrificed a social life, and I’m not going to let you quit just because it’s hard right now. We just need to create a better way, there has to be one.”

I took about ten days off from doing almost anything work related to reset my body and mind. It’s amazing what happens when we slow down and rest. Who else gets their best and most creative ideas while on vacation or in the bathtub?

Instead me leaving you to figure all of this out the hard way, I’m paying it forward by sharing with you step-by-step how to package your services so they are guaranteed to sell. Learn how I increased my close-rate to 90%.

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