Doing the “right” thing is based on bullsh*t.

I’m not talking about integrity, ethics, or human decency here…I’m taking about what we’ve been programmed to believe is the “right” the “smart” the “safe” life path.  

Get good grades, go to college, get a job in Corporate America and keep climbing that ladder…the American Dream. 

With the silent, unwritten promise of “if you do, you will have a great life and be financially solid.”


Since when does a one-size fits all approach work for anyone? It doesn’t work with weight loss, it doesn’t work with marriage, it doesn’t work in business….so why in the hell would it work when it comes to making money ???

Doing the “right” and what I thought was the “safe” thing prevented me from fully sharing my gifts for well over a decade.

If you’re feeling stuck or trapped in any area of your life right now, whether it be with your partner, your job, your business, where you live…I want you to ask yourself these questions…

> Who says you can start a new career or business whenever you please?

> Who says you can’t make more money than anyone in your family, while working from home?

> Who says you can dream BIG and then follow those dreams until they become your reality? 

The only person saying, “you can’t” or “you shouldn’t” is that voice in your head, plus maybe some lame people around you who are too afraid to go after their dreams.

We are already two months into 2022, if you haven’t noticed the older you get, the faster time goes by…Do you want keep letting your life pass you by settling for “safe,” or take the damn risk and at least GO FOR IT?! 

What story would you rather your grandkids hear about you? 

I’ve never regretted leaving the “safe” and conventional life behind, even when things feel like pure chaos…because I’m now LIVING instead of merely surviving. 


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