If you’re a procrastinator, then you’re a perfectionist.

Tell me if you can relate to this story…

It’s Sunday, you make an epic to-do list for the upcoming week with great conviction that you will crush it.

Now it’s Monday, you look at the list and instantly get overwhelmed with all you have to do, you wish you had the same energy you had when you wrote the list yesterday.

Your brain flashes to, “but first…I need to _________” (workout, do laundry, make a nail appointment, call your mom, go to the grocery store).

Now it’s mid-day and you still haven’t gotten one thing done on your list, the pressure and anxiety sets in, and you tell yourself you will do it tomorrow when you have more energy, focus, and motivation.

The reason you are putting off what you know you need to do in order to achieve the goal you so badly want, is because you have some made-up requirement that the task must be completed perfectly, which would require a ton of energy, focus, and time.

What if all you needed to do was get it done, and there were no high expectations around it?

What if done was better than done perfectly?

It’s your belief that these tasks must be completed perfectly that is causing the resistance, anxiety, dread, and procrastination.

Your belief is self-imposed, and it’s a lie.

Go for done and fu*k perfect.

Done makes dollars, while perfect is preventing that cash flow.

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