Still the scariest thing to me even after doing it 1000 times…

How we all operate in life and business is based on what motivates us at core, and I don’t mean your “why,” I’m referring to your “what.”

WHAT are you trying to protect?

WHAT are you trying to avoid?

WHAT are you trying to preserve?

For me, as an enneagram 6, trauma survivor, and PTSD warrior, everything I do is rooted in maintaining safety and security.

For you, it may be to avoid drama and conflict, being vulnerable, having people not respect you, or you’re energy being drained.

The scariest thing for me to deal with is CHANGE, especially when it involves my financial security…some people thrive on it. For me, it’s a giant red alert that my safety and security could be threatened. Because of all of the personal development work + thousands of hours of therapy, I am able to get my self to do the damn thing anyway…but a peek inside my brain would unveil the total sh*t show.

We all know when it’s time to make a major change..my guess is you have one to make right now, that you’ve been resisting.

Pivoting from a career you know to the unfamiliar and unknown is downright terrifying for most people. But staying stuck in misery just to be “safe,” is a slow death to your soul.

Listen to this episode and learn how to make a career change without going broke or blowing up your life.

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