So you want to launch a course, or a group coaching program except you have no clue what to charge people? What if you overcharge and no one buys? What if you undercharge and then make no money?

Then I know what most of you do…go stalk dozens of people on social media who are in a similar business as you to see what they are charging. BUT THEN your inner bully goes on a rampage and tells you things like, “you can’t charge that you only have 500 followers,” or “people will laugh if you charge that, you are just starting and don’t even have a degree.” Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing, yes pricing is very important but it’s not the most important thing. Keep in mind this is coming out of the mouth of a multi-millionaire. If your course, or your book, or your exercise video trainings, or your group-coaching program fills a strong need of your ideal customer and you deliver it with confidence, they will pay a respectable price tag to access a solution to their pain.

Let’s get into specifics so you can come up with a price and be done with it today.

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