Procrastination is really fear in disguise. Here’s why…

Our brains are cunning, clever, and oh so creative. To the point where we don’t always know why we’re doing certain behaviors or habits.

Things like writers block, lack of concentration, felling “all over the place,” being “overwhelmed,” or even confused are all sneaky forms of procrastination. They sound justifiable when we say them to ourselves or when we whine to others, but if any of these last longer than two days, we have ourselves a “procrastination situation.”

In all of the people I’ve coached privately, when we peel back the layers, below the surface of the “procrastination situation” is always FEAR. Fear of making a mistake, fear of looking stupid, fear that no one will buy the thing, fear of judgment, fear of selling, fear of vulnerability, fear that no one will show up, and so on.

Let’s clear this situation so you can get out of your own way. As we both know, no movement towards success can happen when we are stuck.

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