A lie you’ve been saying for years that is keeping you stuck…

We all create stories based on things we believe to be fact, then we say it on repeat, and with all of the energy we’re putting towards these “stories” we create circumstances to support our beliefs. And round and round they go for years, until something or someone wakes us the FU*K UP.

My go-to stories for most of my life were, “I’m exhausted,” and “ I’m so busy, I don’t have any extra time to do anything, and there are so many things I want to do.”

Therefor, I was always busy and exhausted, with no extra time. Hence, one of several key reasons why it took me TEN YEARS to start ProjectME with Tiffany Carter, since having the idea and dream.

Until one day, my spiritual coach Tony said to me in the hot tub at Gold’s Gym (yes a bizarre place for coaching session, but it was all by design on his part), “What if, my dear Tiffany, you being exhausted and too busy all the time are just stories and not the actual truth?”

At first, I wanted to get defensive and abruptly defend what I strongly believed to be true; instead I paused and trusted his expert guidance. Tony said, “ just entertain me for a moment, and let’s list all of the evidence proving this story isn’t entirely accurate.”

My ego resisted at first, but I reminded it that we would simply be doing an exercise and looking at both sides of the story for fair balance (this appealed to the journalist in me). He started asking me questions to get my brain moving:

  • How much time do you spend watching TV every week?
  • How much time do you spend outside of working, browsing and scrolling online?
  • How much time and energy do you use every month doing “quick favors” for other people?
  • What tasks do you do that eat up a ton of your time and energy?

Y’all my mind was blown! This story I’ve preached and bought into most of my life, was in fact not entirely true!!!!

If you are willing to put your ego aside for 30 minutes, go listen to this new podcast episode, and prepare to have your mind blown open so you can reclaim your fu*king life, and finally get what you want without killing yourself for it.

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