I used to think I was savage, but I was average AF.

On the surface, I appeared to be as savage as they come. I had the luxury lifestyle, traveled in private jets, generated tens of millions of dollars in sales transactions a year, and appeared to have it all together.

The reality, I was a disaster behind the scenes. Working 12-14 hours per day/7 days a week, grinding for every dollar, only resting when I was sick, and hating the world.

My limiting beliefs had me operating as average, and it was costing me money, time, and energy that I could never get back. The issue is I had zero clue that I was at the center of it all.

So I’m sharing with you exactly what I wish someone pointed out to me on repeat.

  • Stop trying to build your business on your own with little direction, you will waste so much time and money that you may even end up having to quit.
  • Stop playing cheap with your dreams. You are so willing to buy an iphone, get monthly gel manicures, and spend hundreds in take out, but resist hiring a business coach, or joining a program that you know damn well you need.
  • Stop telling yourself “nothing is working” when you really haven’t gone ALL IN on your business, or hired someone highly qualified to guide you.

You want to know how you will know if you are on the right track in your business? You will be consistently hitting your cash goals, and happy with the amount of effort you are exchanging for that cash. PERIOD.

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