You gotta stop buying into the lies…

All of us have been taught, told, shown, and even convinced of lies around money our entire lives.

Most of you are still behaving based on those outdated or widely inaccurate money lies.


The first step is to be aware of the money stories you are telling yourself.

The second step is to admit those stories are not serving your greatest good.

The third step is to be willing to explore a different truth, even ones that you have convinced yourself otherwise for decades.

Here are the top three money lies most of us have bought into, and many of you still are:

  1. To make major cash, you have to work you ass off, grind, and hustle for it. Sacrificing many other things in your life to get wealthy.
  2. Only people with certain qualities, education, looks, personalities, have what it takes to get rich.
  3. Desiring and focusing on generating major money is greedy, selfish, gross, and ungodly.

Have you ever had any of these beliefs? Which ones do you still have today?

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