I’ve discovered there are 7 common traits in the way female millionaires think; let’s see how many of them you have…

I came up with this list after being interviewed for special article coming out in Glamour Magazine on millionaire mindset. The writer asked me, “out of all the female millionaires you’ve coached, collaborated with, are friends with, what are their common traits?” (Insert…a loooong pause before I could answer.)

For those of you who have been part of the ProjectME Posse community for a while, you know that I am rarely at a loss for words, but this question really made me think. So I asked the writer if I could create a great list to best answer her question, thankfully she agreed.

My list started with 23 traits and I narrowed them down to these key seven:

  1. Female Millionaire’s may not know exactly how they are going to achieve their goals, but they are confident they will figure it out no matter what.
  2. Female Millionaire’s are critically aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and are resourceful in making sure they stay in their “strength zone.”
  3. Female Millionaire’s are relentless in pursuit of their vision. They get knocked down many times, but they ALWAYS get back up and keep going even when battered and bruised.
  4. Female Millionaire’s have a small and strong inner circle support system. Most have few “real friends,” but the people they do have are highly trusted and valued.
  5. Female Millionaire’s embrace the importance of putting themselves first and not in a selfish way, in the ProjectME way (we are the Most Exceptional Projects of our lives).
  6. Female Millionaire’s know how to promote and market their businesses in a way that feels great and fun to them, they enjoy SELLING!
  7. Female Millionaire’s give zero f*%cks about what “they” think, sure some things do sting but it doesn’t stick to them.

Want to sink into this Female Millionaire Mindset further? I thought so. On today’s podcast episode, I brought on Lindsey Mango, a boss lady who ditched her corporate life to start her own successful mindset coaching business. Her mission is to show women they are capable of doing anything they dream, in business and life.

Connect with Lindsey:

Instagram:  @lindseymango_

Facebook:  facebook.com/LindseyMangoCo

Website: lindseymangocoaching.com

SoulCEO Podcast:  podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/soul-ceo/id1360406832

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