Our Money Story starts when we are children

Do you feel that you don’t have enough money? Or maybe feel like you are a bad person because you want to make more money. We often attach our beliefs to something we may have picked up from our family or friends. But these stories don’t have to hold you back. When you shift your story you can change your life and begin to impact others around you. 

Are you ready to shift your money stories?

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Change your Money Story

I was settling and you likely are too. 

To people outside my inner circle, they couldn’t comprehend why I felt such a strong need to move after being in my luxury beach rental for only a year. Here I was in a multi-million dollar house, with a gorgeous expansive ocean view in the most coveted beach area of Los Angeles, but from DAY ONE my body didn’t feel safe or right here. 

Like most of us, I spent way too much time and energy convincing and even shaming myself into liking something that wasn’t serving me at my highest level. 

We have been conditioned to “just be grateful for what you have…” Then we end up feeling guilty for wanting more, whether it’s a house, career, money, love, freedom, friendships, etc. Because people tell us, “You already have so much to be grateful for!”

Wanting more doesn’t mean you are ungrateful for all that you do have….that feeling of wanting more or wanting something different is there to show you what next-level abundance is out there waiting to claim as your own. 

Then we judge ourselves so harshly and attach a belief about us when we desire more, and already “have so much.”









I shamed myself into settling for less than I desire and deserve. BUT TWO MONTHS AGO I SAID, “NO FU*KING MORE!”

The truth is…. You get to have it all simply because you desire it. Manifestation and abundance don’t magnify under strict conditions, in fact, it loses its power.

The ONLY limit on the abundance you attract, are the limits you set and accept for yourself. 

This new podcast episode is designed to help you shift your money story to stop settling and change your life!

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