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The good news and the tough news…

The good news is it’s all up to you whether you go for that dream in your heart or not. It’s not dependent on any other person, place, or thing. 

The tough news is only you contain the power to believe you are worthy of being the star of your own life, and that power is often buried under layers of faulty programming, trauma, and negative experiences. 

The picture you have a garden that you can see from the kitchen window…right now it’s an eyesore, filled with weeds and dead leaves, your body fills with dread at the thought of tackling this project. So you keep putting it off, even though every time you’re in the kitchen, you say, “ I really need to clean up that garden it looks terrible.”

You’re so embarrassed by this eyesore, that you’ve even avoided hosting a party at your house UNTIL you get it cleaned up. It’s been 4 years. 

(For me it was 10 years of watching the weeds take over, and each year that went by the task of tending to it seemed more and more overwhelming.)

Then one day you finally got sick of seeing it and of yourself complaining about it, so you hired a gardener to help you tend to this mess. 

Within hours it looked ten times better, even as a large patch of dirt. 

Within a few weeks, the freshly planted flowers started to bloom. 

Within months, you could sit drinking your morning coffee while the fragrance of the blooms filled your kitchen. Then you said to yourself, “I should have done this years ago.”

The only way to flourish in the abundance you desire is to get in there and clean up the mental crap. You start by hiring someone to help you and together pull one weed at a time. 

There is no one I know who embodies an abundant mindset more than my guest on today’s podcast. Asta Razma is a multi-passion entrepreneur and artist, who has taken the fashion world by storm within months of entering this highly competitive tight-knit industry. 

She is proof of what is possible for you. 

Connect with Asta and binge her designs on Instagram at: @astarazma


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