You know what you want to do, the issue is where in the heck to start.

So you end up taking In more and more information and advise hoping it will get you the clarity on the next steps, but it only ends up overwhelming you more. 

How am I in your head right now? Because this is exactly where I was about 4 years ago before I started building ProjectME with Tiffany Carter…. here I already had a 7-figure business, but with a completely different model and ideal client.

I never had a personal brand before…in fact, I had only posted some random personal things in Facebook and Instagram.

It wasn’t the WHAT that had me frozen for 10 years or even the HOW, it was the order of the steps. 

My brain would scream, “If someone would just give it to me step-by-step, I would do it!”

What’s funny is this is exactly what I make a crap ton of money teaching today!!!!

There wasn’t a Coach Tiff who showed me the way, my Business Mentor doesn’t specialize in the online space. But I did have a couple of people who helped guide me.

Allow me to be your guide today…go download this new podcast episode, and I will break down your next steps in a simple and straightforward way. See it as my way of paying it forward. 

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