It took me 10 years!!!

I still can’t fully comprehend that it took me ten fucking years to start ProjectME the podcast and business coaching brand after I got the idea while recovering from spine surgery. 

It’s insane how fast time goes by, how in the hell is it August already? 

I’m not sharing this story to put you in a panic, but you need a fire lit under your ass. We can always make money, but we can never get time back. 

You’ve been wasting time, putting off things you dream of doing, having a life that brings you peace and freedom…oh you’ll get back at it in the fall or on Monday, or when the kids are a bit older. BULLSH*T.

That is exactly what I bought into, and before I knew it I wasted 10 years that I can’t get back. 

This doesn’t mean you have to adopt some all-or-nothing mentality, that doesn’t end well either. But you need to take some action and work towards it. 

If you aren’t working towards your desired life, you are working against it. 

Let that sink in for a moment. 

You’ve been settling for less. Settling for good enough. Setting for the status quo. Well, let that stop today. 

When you show up for yourself, you impact everyone around you. And when you don’t, you also impact everyone around you. 

Commit to stepping into your light. 

The dimness may feel comfortable, but it isn’t lighting you up anymore. 


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