This has to be said…

Holding yourself back from writing that post, making that video, publishing that book, starting that business, doing your thang, because you’re worried about what “THEY” will think, is ruining your life. 

Yes, people will say stuff, they will talk shiz behind your back, and maybe think you’re crazy…it will sting, but that initial pain will quickly be replaced with a feeling of pride and self-respect for following through and doing it anyway. 

When we hold back, it ignites shame and self-doubt, which only keeps us stuck. 

Do you really want to give that much power to other people to control your dreams?

We only have a few months left in the year…say F IT and take an action on something you’ve been sitting on and obsessing over. Just think of how good it will feel to be in action instead of stagnant. 

Imagine what you could do with all of the time and energy you’ve been spending desiring instead of doing. 

It’s DO season baby. A BIG FAT ZFG to anyone who isn’t totally supporting your best life.

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Six months of dedicated guidance, strategizing, and support to scale your business to MILLIONAIRE STATUS. 

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