Money relaxing explained…

Ever notice how fresh Ideas and creative inspiration come to you while you’re in the shower, on vacation, on enjoying wine with friends??? 

This isn’t by chance; this is because your nervous system is in a relaxed state allowing you to receive.

Also notice how the more you TRY to think of something, figure it out, remember that name, the further it pulls away from you. Then when you finally let it go, it comes to you ?! 

Forcing energy = repelling abundance 

Allowing energy = attracts abundance 

The key here is to keep yourself in that relaxed state around the thing you want to manifest as much as possible.

Here are some of my favorite ways:

  • Taking a bath
  • Going on an abundance walk 
  • Solo dance party 
  • Focusing on the beauty of something in nature for 3-5 minutes  (a flower, a plant, the ocean ) 

So what is something you can do daily to shift yourself into a relaxed and receiving state? 

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