This is long overdue…I bet

You’ve been burning a ton of mental energy in resistance lately. You want to create a different life, generate a new level of income, and open up a wide array of options for yourself and your loved ones…yet your actions don’t fully match your desired outcome. 

Sometimes your mind will trick you into believing you’re doing ALL THE THINGS, and nothing is working at the level you want it to, or as fast as you would like…but your higher self knows that bullish!t.

Seriously I complained for 8 years about how exhausted and mentally drained I was, yet I still didn’t take the action to move in a different direction. 

There is only one thing more painful than watching other people go for and live out the lifestyle that you so badly crave…

That would be, knowing you never fully went for it. Knowing you only gave it half-measures, and wondering what would have been if you had just taken the risk, and went all in. 

Stop trying to have it both ways: feeling comfortable while achieving life-changing success. It’s impossible, and it will keep wasting time that you can never reclaim. 

I know as I wasted ten years…so I see it as my duty to encourage and empower you to not let another week, month, or year go by living out a life you aren’t wildly fulfilled by. 

It’s time to say YES to you.

YES to the life you fantasize about. 

Get started by listening to this episode. 


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