Stop trying to avoid the beginning…this is where we all start off!

Around 2.5 years ago I started ProjectME with Tiffany Carter with ZERO followers

> ZERO podcast listeners

> ZERO email list (well I had no email list until Dec of 2019)

> ZERO engagement on any of my videos

5 months later of showing up every FU*KING day I had…

> Only about 5k podcast downloads

> 13 people viewing my IG Stories

> Still no email list

> Maybe 3k followers or less (don’t totally remember)

TODAY…after showing up every FU*KING DAY for over 2.5 years I have…

> 10-15k unique downloads per podcast episode

> Thousands of views on my videos

> Thousands in my email list (after about a year)

> 29.5 followers on IG alone

> Has generated a million dollars

If you avoid the beginning you will never reach the peak.

Once you reach the peak, you still keep showing up.

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