This may be hard to hear but it has to be said.

A basic coach and friend will tell you what you want to hear, a real coach and friend will tell you what you need to hear, and risk pissing you TF off.

You’ve been half-assing your business while convincing yourself that you’re really workin’ it.

Just because your busy doesn’t mean you’re getting down to business.

My brain can be crazy manipulative, convincing me that I’m too tired, that I need to wait, that the circumstances aren’t right, that I’ll do it tomorrow…

Truth is, if we want what we say we want, we prioritize it and find a way do what we need to do today, not tomorrow.

What if I told you that if you prioritized your business and went ALL IN on it for the next 6 months, you would for sure be making 2x what you’re earning now by the end of 2022?

How would you show up for it differently than you are currently?

My guess is you would invest significantly more time, energy, and money given you know the return on investment is GUARANTEED.

The trick here is to operate as through your success is inevitable and the Universe will match that abundant energy and conviction >>> magnetizing it even further!

This is exactly how I get my A-S-S into gear when I’m toe-dippin’ on something I desire.

To prove that this works to your resistant critical brain, I’ve invited Tanci Maree on the podcast today.

She quit her beloved job as a teacher and basketball coach to create what is now a dance fitness brand taking over the nation and social media  >> Turn Up™ with Tanci. Tanci started everything from scratch, didn’t fully know what she was doing, had many set backs, and yet kept SHOWING TF UP.

Now she has a flourishing brand with a community in the hundreds of thousands, all because she chose to show up knowing it would pay off in the end.


Tanci took her love for dance fitness and is turning it into an empire that helps women turn up and show up for themselves. Turn Up™ with Tanci hosts both virtual and in-person classes all over the country. You can also become a certified instructor, and bring Turn Up™ to your community.

Instagram: @turnupwithtanci

TikTok: @turnupwithtanci

YouTube: @turnupwithTanci

Website:  turnupwithtanci.com

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