Today is a powerful manifesting day. It’s 11/11.

For those of you new to the law of attraction and manifestation, 11/11 whether it is the date or the time, or both (that has happened to me may times by the way), is confirmation from the Universe that your deepest desires are being manifested right now for you.

Whenever you look at a clock and it’s [11:11], ALWAYS state your desires at that moment, in the present tense. For example, “Money comes to me with ease in unexpected ways and I welcome it.” or “I make enough money as a life coach that I can easily quit my job.”

Since today’s date is 11/11, I want you to write and say exactly what you want to manifest and be specific, clear and confident in what you are putting out into the Universe.

To help to maximize this energetically powerful day, I created a special podcast episode for you, and brought on a guest who will take your abundance mindset to the next level.

Vanessa Valdez is a TV news broadcaster turned radio host; of the popular show Transforming Consciousness on KPFK FM Los Angeles, she is a transformational life coach specializing in integrative healing and spiritual psychology.

Connect with Vanessa on:

KPFK Radio Show: Transforming Consciousness is broadcasted LIVE every Tues from 1pm to 2pm PST on KPFK 90.7FM Los Angeles

Instagram: @transformingconsciousness

Website:  https://www.kpfk.org/on-air/vanessa-valdez/

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