Fu*k it…I’m doing it!!!

The exact words I said almost 4 years ago when I FINALLY decided to go 100% ALL IN on my dream business and life.

Notice I used the word “decided,” as nothing was holding me back other than the lack of me making the decision to go for it.


Did I feel ready? Hell no 

Was I terrified? Hell yes

Did I 100% know what I was doing?

Hell no, and I still don’t many days. 


Waiting until the “right time,” or until I had explosive energy and motivation, is a huge reason why it took me TEN YEARS to pursue my dream after having the clear idea and vision.

Four years ago, not being fully recovered from a chronic illness, being at the heaviest weight in my life, filled with fear that I would waste my time, energy and money if this didn’t work out….I decided to start and give it one full year of ALL IN effort.

I declared to the Universe that I would do whatever it took, as long as it didn’t negatively impact my mental or physical health. 


So even when I doubted myself

Even when it felt crazy scary 

Even when if felt safer not to spend the money

Even when I didn’t feel like it

I made sure my daily actions aligned with my desires. 


The two questions to ask yourself are:

What is it costing you to NOT go after the life, the freedom, and the cash you desire ? 

What is the risk of you continuing to “toe-dip” on your dreams ?

If the answers don’t feel good to you love, you have your answer.

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