Hard truths you need to hear if your goal is to have a 6, 7, or 8 figure business. 

Please know, everything I say to you is because I actually give a crap and I want you to succeed, whether you’re paying me or not. 

Most coaches, teachers, friends, family, and mentors won’t tell you the HARSH TRUTH because they don’t want you to get upset with them, they don’t want to burst your bubble, or they simply don’t care enough to have these uncomfortable conversations. 

But I’m willing to risk you hating me, for you to hear what no one has told you.

1. Despite what thousands of people try to portray on social media, scaling and sustaining a profitable business is mentally hard AF, and will test your self-belief and patience on a level of discomfort that is at times unbearable.  There is no avoiding this, if you actually care about what you are creating.

2. Just because you have finally decided to GO FOR IT and do the scary things….investing in your business… starting the podcast….launching your offer…showing up consistently on video for weeks, that doesn’t mean the Universe is going to reward you for that by having some Insta-success. In fact, 99.9% of the time, the opposite happens. NOTHING will feel like it’s working. It will feel like you are pouring in all of this time and effort with no results or feedback.

  • You must be willing to show up UNTIL it works, not willing to show up AS LONG AS you get evidence it’s working in your deemed timeframe in your deemed way. That is called trying to control divine timing, and the Universe will continue to repel abundance from you as long as you are in that energy

3. Checking boxes isn’t a business growth plan. Published a post today…CHECK, sent an email to my list….CHECK, met with my business coach….CHECK, promoted by offer in my Instagram Stories…..CHECK, etc… Yes there are specific actions and steps to making money online, but those won’t convert to cash without you infusing the heart-felt energy, fun, and passionate conviction into your business. 

  • Business isn’t a diet plan….you can count calories and experience weight loss, as that is science. Successful and scalable brands won’t survive with strategy alone.

If you aren’t too upset with me at this point, go listen to this podcast to get your mind, heart, and soul back into your business. All entrepreneurs lose their way several times along the journey, allow me to help guide you back as to why you are doing this crazy thing in the first place. 

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