What to focus on when growing your business from scratch.

Thinking about starting a business feels exciting.

Actually starting feels scary AF.

Staying consistent and showing up when you’re feeling frustrated, unmotivated, and overwhelmed feels impossible.

I get how real the resistance is. ProjectME is my second business, and it took me 10 years to start it!!!! Yes, I had the name, the mission, and even the money… yet; I still delayed and delayed, made excuses for ten freakin’ years!!!!

Part of my resistance came from having PTSD from the first three years of  business. I wanted to quit every week, and I would hustle and grind for 12 hours a day. It wasn’t fun. I didn’t want to experience that ever again.

I don’t want you to either.

Here’s what you need to focus on in your first two years of business/under 10K/month:

  • Select a profitable niche. Specific doesn’t equal profitable.
  • Clearly establish who you ideal client is, what they believe they need, and how you are going to help them.
  • Get clear on your visual branding, the vibe, and your brand messaging.
  • Select two primary lead generators (ie. Podcast and Instagram) and create high quality content and engaging conversations. Stop feeling like you need to be on all the things.

Want to learn how I stay motivated when the shiz gets hard, listen to this episode.

Stop wasting hours on Google guessing how to do these critical things, book one of my few remaining 90-minute private business strategy sessions, and let’s figure it all out.

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