True story… so embarrassing.

It’s incredible how our beliefs directly impact our lives, even when those beliefs aren’t even true!

One of my core limiting beliefs that I picked up from observing my mom running her company daily for decades, is in order to be successful you have to sacrifice pleasure, quality down time, and your sanity.

Because of this deeply ingrained belief, I made everything 100 times harder on my self when starting my business. I really thought the harder I worked the more money I would make.

My first business started as a side-hustle as I wasn’t going to leave my corporate job until I was making enough money with my business to safely quit. After six months, I went all in on my self…I was tired of making money for other people, and wearing navy pant suits.

Given I was leaving a high level, 6-figure, corporate sales management position with incredible benefits, everyone thought I was crazy to give up a job they dreamed of having.

Here I was, a highly trained, award-winning sales expert…and I was only able to land two clients in 18 months of working my butt off, pitching at least 50 different companies.

I couldn’t sell my self, but I could sell the shiz out of other people’s stuff. I felt like a fraud. Like I made a huge mistake by leaving my cushy job.

When people would say, “how’s your new business going, I bet you’re crushing it?!” It felt like all of the blood would drain from my body in shame.

I didn’t have anyone to help me, and I didn’t ask anyone for help. My ego was in the drivers seat, and I was drowning quickly.

Once I waved the white flag, surrendered, and humbly asked for guidance, I was able to get an outside perspective of what I was doing wrong. (Very difficult to see this stuff when you are neck-deep in it.)

My energy was desperate and forced because I was attaching my worth and even credibility to the outcome; I was even repelling referrals away.

It took about two weeks to shift my intense energy, and once I did, I made more in one month than had in that entire 18-month period.

Managing our mind is where 85% of our energy should go. From there everything else flows.


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