Your self-worth and net-worth are directly connected.

If you’re broke it’s because you believe certain things about making money, having money, and keeping money.

If you’re rich, it’s because you believe certain things about making money, having money, and keeping money.

I’ve been both a broke-ass and wealthy, but I’ve always been a hard worker, well educated, determined, resourceful, and diligent…the difference was my internal belief system, not my skill-set or capabilities.

Even without knowing you I’m 100% confident that you have what it takes to be wildly successful and financially free. We all have it in us.

What blocks you is your belief in it being truly possible for you, and believing that you are capable of doing it.

For most of my life, I thought God forgot about me and I had no real meaningful purpose on this earth, I had a career because that is what humans are suppose to do.

As much as I wanted the designer bags, those damn $300 True Religion jeans (who remembers those?), and big apartment…my belief system was far from a match for the life I desired.

It took years of me working privately with a Spiritual Law of Attraction Coach to recreate my belief system. The great news is it doesn’t need to take you years…as long as you are open and willing to learn from me.

Go download this new podcast episode, and be prepared for major low awaited shifts to happen in your life.

Do you feel consumed by the constant need to create content?

As I always joke on the podcast, the Content Monster is real…always hungry and never satisfied.

The catch to making money online (there’s a catch with everything) is you must create a crap ton of great content that connects with your customers, or you have to hire people to do it for you!!!

This is why I always first ask my private clients, who come to me for a customized high converting content plan, “what types of content so you genuinely love creating?” And “what types of content drain you?”

It doesn’t matter if I tell you what you need to do in order to make bank online, if you absolutely hate doing it. There’s no way you will be consistent. Just like at the gym. I don’t care how many calories running burns, I ain’t doin’ it.

Usually people get content fatigue around trying to figure out what to post, so on today’s podcast I’m going to share my top tricks with you in detail so you are never left wondering what to post ever again.

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