Starting a new business is like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube, it doesn’t matter how much or little brainpower you have, it’s still tricky and frustrating AF.

Just when you get one side of that dang cube all one color, you still have five more sides to go! BTW I still haven’t mastered the Rubik’s cube. I used to get so frustrated as a kid that I would peel off the stickers to make it look like I solved it.

I know where many of you are at right now…

You have a business or at least know what you want to do in exchange for money, but now you aren’t sure how to package your offerings so people will buy them.

As part of my well-known Emotional Based Sales Techniques® there are four types of offers that are essential to attracting more of your ideal clients with ease, and getting them to buy.

Millions of dollars are lost when entrepreneurs, network marketers, and service-based providers package and promote their offers incorrectly.

I’m going to teach you today how to structure and present your offers so you can start cashing in on your gifts right away.

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