“Well I don’t want to look stupid.”

This exact line is said to me at least 5 times a week by clients…usually right after I ask them why they aren’t being consistent with showing up on video.

Maybe for you videos aren’t the issue, maybe it’s creating a course, doing a presentation, or being on a podcast…

In our human AF and oftentimes-hateful society, most of us have been made fun of, gossiped about, or even bullied in childhood, and it flippin’ hurts.

Wanna know something crazy? 

Even though I was severely bullied in middle school and high school (well, until I started to beat people up and stand up for my self), NO ONE was ever more mean to me than my self. 

The person who is ragging on you the most, puts you down the most, is verbally abusive, and points out your flaws is…YOU !!

98% of people are too busy being beating themselves up or dealing with their own crap, to even think about how you stumbled over your words on a podcast, notice a typo in an email, or even care that no one commented on your last 3 posts.

The 2% that do, can F*ck ALL THE WAY OFF! They clearly are in such a need to look outside of themselves, because they are in so much internal pain.

You focusing on that 2% is preventing you from serving the other 98%.

Going after something new is scary and vulnerable….not ever really going all in with it, and having major regrets a year or 5 years from now is FAR WORSE.

Do you want to be one of those people who just thinks about their dreams, or the person who lays it all on the line, and really goes for it ? 

Which version of you so you want you kids to see?

Which version of you will help more people? 

Which version of you will be more likely to get the financial freedom and lifestyle you desire?

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