Making money is really just a game, it a matter of learning how to play it well.

I didn’t always see money this way, which is why I had to work so damn hard to make any. Within 3 months of seeing my bank account hit $1,000,000 I lost almost all of it. After I stopped feeling angry and sorry for my self, I was determined to never allow that to happen again, and to make it all back many times over.

The deal I made with the Universe is once I made it back, I would teach other women how to make big money….and take the mystery out of it all.

Here’s the tea…I know dozens of multi-millionaires, we all have a few things in common when it comes to cash:

  1. Millionaires see making money as a game, and we spend our time getting better and better at playing.
  2. Millionaires know the exact value of their time, and we are incredibly intentional with everything we do (even when it looks like we aren’t)
  3. Millionaires do whatever it takes to gain time. We leverage it, we replicate it, and we streamline it. As time = money.
  4. Millionaires energetically and emotionally detach from their money, we know as soon as we attach anything to do it, worth, expectations, validation, success, we will lose it and fast!!!!

Great news is this game is free to play, open to everyone, and I’m going to share the rules with you in this cash-crankin’ episode.

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