The number one mistake that’s preventing you from making cash in your business.

Doesn’t matter to me whether you are a network marketer, an accountant, a coach, fitness professional, a reiki healer, an artist, or a llama trainer….if you’re an entrepreneur not an employee, it’s time for some Tiff-style tough love.

To make money in business you need customers, to get costumers you need to have multiple ways they can find and discover you, to get those customers to buy from you on repeat, you need to deliver value and connect with them emotionally.

None of this can happen with any level of success, without you embracing >>sharing and selling your services and products.

I used to HAAATE selling too, it was only out of sheer desperation of not wanting to lose my pharmaceutical sales job, that I was forced to figure out a way to sell that felt good to me.

I knew if I didn’t, I would keep avoiding it, which would in turn make me have crap sales and be fired.

When you have a business whether it’s online or offline or both, you must commit and be willing to learn how to sell and market your stuff, otherwise you may as well quit.

There are a ton of false beliefs most of you have around selling, which is a huge part of your resistance to it. I’m going to help you get past this, so you can actually make the money you deserve and desire.

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