The Number One reason you are feeling stuck.

Time for some real talk, Coach Tiff style.

You aren’t stuck; you simply don’t see a clear way out of your current situation that you can achieve without a crap-ton of pain and sacrifice.

I used to say I was “stuck” so often that I got sick of hearing my self.

The truth is, it was easier for me to feel “stuck,” then it was for me to take the scary action required to move forward.

You likely don’t know the entire roadmap to your end goal, none of us do!!! But I bet you do know several actions you could take, or something you could start doing today that will move you towards that goal. Hmmmmmm mmmmm hate me yet??!!

Bottom line is you are choosing to stay in the familiar discomfort of stuck, versus the terrifying feeling of taking real action towards your dreams.

There is no way to make real change in your life without feeling scared.

Maybe there are people in your life you need to disconnect from or break up with, your life will be better for it, but it’s scary and uncomfortable as hell to take that action.

You want to make money doing something you love and create the freedom you crave, but you know in order to do that you have to go ALL-IN on your business. It will require some serious effort on your part, and that sounds scary and unpleasant to you.

So will you chose the temporary feeling of scared over the long-term feeling of remaining stuck?

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